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Year 3

Year Three is the point in school where our children move from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2, or from Infants to Juniors! It is an important psychological, emotional and developmental stage in their school life. By now most children have settled into the routines of daily school life, learned to follow school rules, developed strong friendships and be well equipped to face the challenges school life brings.

We want school to feel like a 'second home' for our pupils, a place where they feel safe, valued and able to explore their own unique talents. Learning will continue to be fun and engaging but, within Year 3, a slightly greater emphasis is placed on independence and taking responsibility for their own learning. Children will be encouraged to have the correct things they need for each day and an awareness of what is expected of them.

Our approach to the teaching in year 3 is consistency, creativity and fun. We look at and study some fantastic topics in our creative curriculum time. We study ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ looking at artefacts and new technologies during that period that shaped their lives. In our topic on ‘World War 2’ we explore what everyday life was like through drama, we collect and discuss artefacts and learn popular songs of that time. When we look at the ‘Anglo-Saxons’ we consider the reasons for people to come and live in Britain. We look at how people lived together and in ‘Forest schools’ we look at shelters and dying materials with plants.

Our Science topics include Food and Nutrition, Rocks, Plants, Magnetism and Light. In these topics a large focus will be on scientific investigation. Where possible topics are cross-curricular to explore links, build enthusiasm and create excitement.

In RE we will explore Harvest Festival, Diwali and Christmas, The Hindu Faith, The Easter Story, Picturing Jesus and God’s Wonderful World. Alongside these we will develop our understanding of our ‘Church School Values’ through exciting activities linked to biblical stories.

School trips are fun, interesting and most importantly give the children the first hand experiences needed to bring their learning to life. Class 3 and 4 are able to participate together in a Residential trip every 2 years. In the other years the children will have a day trip to enhance one of the topics. This will enable them to immerse themselves in their topic and provide opportunities for deeper learning. Year 3 also have exciting days out in our Forest Schools area learning about the great outdoors as well as learning an enormous amount about themselves.

Our children develop and mature dramatically through the year and become more independent learners ready for the years to follow.