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Year 2

Being part of Year 2 is exciting and challenging. We develop more independence and become good role models to the younger children in Reception and Year 1. We take responsibility for our own possessions and work together to keep our classroom tidy. We enjoy taking part in every aspect of school life and will help the teachers in any way possible. We enjoy working hard and looking back at our own progress throughout the year. We take pride in our work and celebrate our own achievements and that of others in our class during our Good Work assemblies.

In Year 2 we focus our learning around different themes. We start the year exploring the world through the journeys of famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Drake. After travelling the world with explorers we move to space and discover the moon with Neil Armstrong. Moving back closer to home we focus our learning on London, finding out all about the Great Fire of London and the Gunpowder plot. Next we venture on to dangerous territory with Pirates and find out about the fearful Blackbeard! Children will investigate their local area and focus studies on Stamford and Burghley house. We will compare these to other countries and places in the UK. Finally we will end our year with our ‘Munching and Crunching’ topic which focuses on the animal world and habitats. The topics in Year 2 allow for copious amounts of exploration, investigation and researching. Our topics cover all the curriculum areas and English and mathematics are also linked.