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Our Learning

The Governors and staff of William Hildyard Church of England Primary and Nursery School are committed to creating a happy, caring and stimulating environment in which all children and staff can develop, be challenged in their learning and feel valued.

This is achieved through:

  • creating an atmosphere which reflects the Christian basis of the school’s foundation
  • promoting high levels of achievement in all aspects of the primary curriculum, with particular regard to excellence in teaching the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy
  • encouraging respect for each other, our school and the environment.

In an effort to achieve the above we aim:

  • to have a school which contains independent learners and thinkers
  • to promote creative and imaginative thinkers
  • to be a place where all children can take their own learning further
  • to give each child the opportunity to discover the areas in which they can be considered gifted and talented
  • to have children who value themselves and others
  • to have an ethos that we are doing things for the good of the children
  • to uphold the principles of Inclusion.

From September 2014, we have adapted a new curriculum in line with the new Government guidelines. Provided in the links on the left is an overview of each year groups curriculum with reference to the new National Curriculum.