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Letter from Reverend Brent

Thank you for considering William Hildyard Church of England Primary and Nursery School for your child. I guess, like most parents there are certain things that you hope a school can offer. Most of us want a safe, caring, happy atmosphere were learning, growing and sharing occur. All schools will promise these things, but not all deliver. The staff and the governors of our school will not just promise these things but will strive to achieve them everyday and will not rest back on the laurels of good results, and the past, but always strive to make the school better for every child who attends. This is something that all schools will promise but we have some extra help in our efforts to become a better school, something unique in the Deepings, for we are a Church of England School. Being a Church School means that the local Church and congregation are actively involved in supporting the school in any way possible. We don’t just pray for the school on Sundays; members of the congregation are actively involved in its every day working. From parents who help in class and on outings that the children take, to those who are on the P.T.A. to those who are on the governing body of the school (St. Guthlac’s is involved in encouraging eight of its members, most of whom are parents of children who attend school or whose children attended in the past, to be on the governing body). It is something we all take extremely seriously and feel is important not just for the church but the whole community. The Church itself is also something of a resource that the school and children can use to learn about its history, its worship and for those special services when the children lead our worship like Easter, Christmas and Harvest. Beyond the Parish, Church Schools also have yet another layer of support in that the Diocese of Lincoln, which represents all the Church of England Churches in Lincolnshire, is actively involved in supporting our school. They have a Director of Education who, along with his team, actively supports and helps the school, financially and with advice too. The Bishop of Lincoln takes this very seriously for, as well as in his prayers and thoughts, he appoints visitors who come into school to support, help and guide the school in any way that they can. Finally, as a parent, I feel a great deal of responsibility to this School, I am not just the Rector of those who attend church but all the community and our School is a major part of that. History shows that it has always been a major part of the life of the Church and community and that is why it is named after one of my predecessors showing how important these links have been. The Church background means that the ethos of the School is based on the Christian ideals of love and tolerance of others regardless of their religious, ethnic, social background or learning ability. It is a place where warmth, friendship and care flow and I am proud not just to be part of it but also to have sent my own children there too. I cannot recommend the School to you highly enough, but don’t take my word for it, have a look at the rest of this website and find out more!

God Bless,

Philip Brent, Rector